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Volunteer Opportunities

hose interested in serving their fellow community members by volunteering their time and talents will find many opportunities to do so within Johnson Health Network. Several of the Network's facilities rely on the support of volunteers, including Johnson Memorial Hospital, Evergreen Health Care Center, Home & Community Health Services and Phoenix Community Cancer Center. Below is a brief synopsis of the volunteer program at each of these facilities.

Johnson Memorial Hospital

More than 125 dedicated teens and adults currently serve as volunteers at Johnson Memorial Hospital (JMH). Whether they are delivering patient meals, filing and sorting paperwork or staffing the Gift Shop, each of these individuals is enormously appreciated by both staff and patients alike. Their compassion and energy are among the Hospital's most valued assets.

Where can volunteers help within Hospital? We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities at Johnson Memorial Hospital, and we are dedicated to helping you find the department that is best for you. Volunteer roles are divided into two main categories, Patient Contact and Non-Patient Contact, to help meet the varied wishes of our volunteers. Departments where volunteers are generally most needed are listed below. It is recommended that you contact the Volunteer Services office via e-mail (Volunteers@jmhosp.org) or phone (860-684-8216) to confirm the availability of volunteer positions in the department of your choice prior to applying.

Central Stores
Dietary Services
Emergency Department
Gift Shop
Health Information Services
Intensive Care Unit
Pastoral Care
Patient Care Management
Phoenix Community Cancer Center (Enfield)
Physical Medicine

Who can volunteer at JMH? You need to be 14 years old to be a volunteer. We ask that you are dependable and able to make a commitment of a minimum of 100 hours. Volunteers average 3-4 hours of service per week. Depending on the department you choose, you can usually volunteer more hours per week, particularly if you would like to complete the 100-hour commitment during a summer.

When can you volunteer? We have volunteers on duty in different departments from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. The time that you volunteer depends on your availability and what hours are available in the department you choose. We do have after-school and weekend openings in many, but not all, departments.

Why volunteer? Volunteers come to JMH for many different reasons. The personal satisfaction of helping others and the opportunity to gain some insight into the world of medicine are two of the most common reasons, but they are certainly not the only ones.

We provide uniforms, free parking, meals for those who volunteer at least 4 hours and other benefits such as annual recognition dinners and educational opportunities, as well.

How can I become a JMH volunteer?  E-mail us at Volunteers@jmhosp.org or call (860) 684-8216 to request an application and information packet. If you are calling after hours, please leave a detailed message, including your name, address and phone number. Please also specify whether you would like an Adult or Teen Volunteer packet.  Volunteers who are age 14 or above and are still in high school are considered Teen Volunteers. Beyond the high school years, all volunteers are considered Adult.

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Evergreen Health Care Center

The volunteer program at Evergreen Health Care Center (EHCC) is flexible, varied and offers many rewarding benefits. From gaining valuable experience in the beginning stages of employment, to making a positive contribution to the lives of residents, volunteers receive benefits that are intangible and immeasurable. EHCC volunteers give comfort and friendship, which they receive back ten-fold. They put a smile on residents' faces and become the community, neighbor or friend that our residents had to leave behind.

Volunteer duties vary according to each individual's interests and ability. They may include visiting or helping to transport residents, assisting in activities, running simple programs, delivering mail, filing, preparing activity items as needed, or just taking residents outside on warm days. Whether helping to finish a project, playing music or a game or just brightening a person's day by stopping by to chat, volunteers' efforts are always appreciated.

Scheduling for volunteers is flexible; however, it is preferred that volunteers commit to at least one hour for each time they volunteer. Hours can start at 9:15 in the morning and run throughout the day and early evening. Volunteers need to be at least 14 years of age and must complete a Volunteer Application. To learn more about volunteering at EHCC, please contact Christine Condel, Volunteer Coordinator at (860)-684-6341 ext. 132 or Kathleen Smola, Director of Therapeutic Recreation, at (860) 684-6341, ext. 130.

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Home & Community Health Services, Inc.

Adult volunteers at Home & Community Health Services, Inc., enable the agency to ensure that clients are fully supported in their time of need. While volunteers assist with clerical duties and help staff many of the agency's programs and services, one of the services that relies most heavily on their support is hospice.

Volunteers in the Hospice Program work with families who have been faced with the emotional and physical challenges of caring for a loved one with a life-limiting illness. They compliment the clinical expertise and support provided by Home & Community Health Services' professional staff by offering companionship and by assisting with routine tasks such as grocery shopping, laundry, and light housekeeping. Prior to being assigned to a family, volunteers undergo training to learn more about hospice and their role in the care-giving team.

The nature of working directly with patients and families may not be for everyone, but there are other ways to lend a helping hand to the hospice program. Volunteers can, for example, participate in Home & Community Health Services' annual holiday gift-wrapping effort to raise funds for hospice care. Additional volunteer opportunities exist within services and programs such as well-child, vision and hearing, and flu clinics; respite and bereavement care; special events and more.

For more information about volunteer opportunities available within Home & Community Health Services, please call (860) 763-7600.

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Phoenix Community Cancer Center

Compassionate adults with a special interest in caring for cancer patients are encouraged to consider volunteering at Phoenix Community Cancer Center (PCCC). Several important volunteer opportunities exist within this facility.

Many of the PCCC volunteers serve as a communication link between staff and waiting patients/family members. In this role, volunteers may greet patients and family members upon arrival; offer assistance, comfort measures and refreshments (if allowed); update patients and family members on delays; offer emotional support; offer to contact other family members; contact the Program Director/Social Worker for additional help, if requested; and replenish educational supplies for patient use. This position has proven to be highly beneficial to patients, who take great comfort in the volunteers' support during a difficult time.

Volunteers are also needed to staff PCCC's Reiki Program. Prior to offering Reiki sessions for PCCC patients, Reiki volunteers must take part in an approved Reiki therapy training program.

Still more volunteer opportunities exist within PCCC. The facility's volunteer program is coordinated
by Johnson Memorial Hospital' Volunteer Services Department. For more information, please call
(860) 684-8216.

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