Johnson Memorial Hospital's highly anticipated MARK E. QUIGLEY, M.D. EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT is now open for patient care.  The facility measures
17,481 gross square feet, an increase of 157%. The new-and-improved Emergency Department, one of the most advanced in Connecticut, not only offers the most modern technology available, but is expected to revolutionize the efficiency of screening and treating patients. 

Johnson Health Network Announces New Vice President of Development

and Community Relations

Johnson Health Network (JHN) has recently announced that George Osley has joined its senior management team as the Vice President of Johnson Development Fund, Inc.            


In this position, Osley will oversee all development, fundraising, marketing and communications efforts for the subsidiaries of JHN, including Johnson Memorial Hospital (JMH); Evergreen Health Care Center; Home & Community Health Services, Inc., Johnson Occupational Medicine Center; Johnson Professional Associates, P.C., Johnson Surgery Center; and Phoenix Community Cancer Center.                                           


"George brings a profound level of experience and leadership that will greatly benefit Johnson Health Network," said Peter Kuzmickas, Acting President, JMH and Johnson Memorial Corporation. "He will definitely be an asset to both our network and the communities we serve."


For the past six years, Osley served as a vice president at Carlton & Company, a fundraising consulting firm based in Boston. He has extensive experience in fundraising for hospitals and other non-profit organizations.

Johnson Memorial Hospital President Announces Plans for Retirement

At the recent annual meeting of the Members of Johnson Memorial Corporation, Attorney Robert B. Berger, Chairman of the Board, publicly announced the retirement plans of Johnson Health Network's president, Alfred A. Lerz.  This announcement comes two years after Mr. Lerz made his intentions known to the board.  Mr. Lerz will be retiring at the end of the Corporation's Fiscal Year - September 30, 2008. 


In his remarks, Attorney Berger noted that when Mr. Lerz became president of Johnson Memorial Hospital in October of 1980, a 78-bed hospital was the only entity existing in what is known today as the Johnson Health Network.  He said, "Al gave tirelessly of himself to ensure that the community would be well served for years to come.  His tenure here is characterized by the tremendous growth and the quality services that have been brought to the community.  Through outstanding vision and leadership, Al was able to build a health network, starting with a small hospital and to accomplish great things for the people living and working in Stafford and the surrounding communities.  His history in the Johnson Health Network is most distinguished, and on behalf of the board, I thank him for his dedicated service."


In a message to the Johnson Health Network Family, Mr. Lerz said, "Through the efforts and support of you and other 'family members' before you, much has been able to be done for so many members of the communities we serve since my arrival in October of 1980.  I am certain that much will continue to be done until, and long after, my retirement at the end of this fiscal year."  In closing, Mr. Lerz said, "When you have been involved with an organization for such a long time and have experienced the dedication, commitment, and friendship of so many, believe me, it is a difficult decision to think of leaving.  My very sincere gratitude to each of you for your dedication, commitment and friendship."

Johnson Memorial Hospital Medical Staff Seeks Area High School Seniors

for 2008 Scholarships

The Johnson Memorial Hospital (JMH) Medical Staff recently announced its fifth annual Scholarship Program, eligible to graduating seniors at six area high schools - Ellington High School, Enfield High School, Enrico Fermi High School, Somers High School, Stafford High School and Tolland High School.


Scholarships will be awarded to the student(s) from each school receiving the highest score based on extensive criteria established by the Medical Staff Scholarship Committee. A total of $1,000 has been allotted for each school.


Students may obtain a JMH Medical Staff Scholarship application from their school's guidance office.  The application includes directions for submission.  The deadline for submission is April 16, 2008.


Scholarships will be awarded in June.  Recipients will be asked to visit the Hospital, where Eric Meisterling, M.D., JMH Medical Staff Scholarship Committee Chairperson, will personally present each scholarship.

Johnson Health Network Announces 2008 Leaders

Johnson Memorial Corporation (JMC) recently announced its 2008 officers, directors, trustees and members.  JMC is the holding company for Johnson Health Network, which consists of Johnson Memorial Hospital, Inc. (JMH); Home & Community Health Services, Inc.; Johnson Development Fund, Inc.; Johnson Health Care, Inc.; The Johnson Evergreen Corporation; and Wellcare, Inc.

Officers of JMC and JMH's Executive Boards of Trustees for the year 2008 were elected as follows:  Gary J. Roman of Suffield, Chairman; James A. Baum of Somers, Vice Chairman; Hamline C. Wilson, Jr., of Somers, Treasurer; and Evelyne A. Parizek of Willington, Secretary.  The following individuals were elected by the Board of Trustees to serve on the JMC and JMH Executive Boards:  John T. Larabee, Alfred A. Lerz, Patrick Mahon, and Charles F. Masterson, of Somers; Richard P. Dobson, Sr. of Stafford Springs; Michael F. Morosky, M.D., of Glastonbury; James Makuch of Willington and Joan C. Smith of Enfield.  In addition, as President of the JMH Medical Staff, Timothy J. Fignar, M.D. of Enfield, was elected to serve on the JMH Executive Board.


Elected as new Trustees of JMC and JMH were, Dr. and Mrs. Francis Figueroa of Somers; Michael J. Muzio of Ellington; and Ronald J. Leavitt, M.D., of Shelburne, Vermont.


Attorney Robert B. Berger was elected Trustee Emeriti.  He joins a distinguished group of Trustees Emeriti, which includes, Herbert J. Foy and Adam J. Pierz of Enfield; John B. Mitchell of Delray Beach, Florida; Charles and Jan Nirenberg of Suffield, Judge Edward Y. O'Connell of Wethersfield, Margret L. Mulak of Somers; John Mordasky and Charles W. Schwanda of Stafford Springs, Jerry Parizek II of Willington and Rodney D. Pierce of Tolland.

Newly elected members of JMC include Tammy Arute and Gary Elwell of Tolland; Edith Da Dalt and David Walsh of Stafford; William Kirkpatrick and Thomas Mazzoli of Somers;  Marcia McKenzie and Martha McLeod of Enfield.  Attorney Mary T. Bergamini and Senator John A. Kissel of Enfield rejoined JMC/JMH as Trustees, following a year's respite.  Jill G. Gregori of Stafford; Timothy M. Barry of Somers, and Gerald D. Coia of Mansfield, rejoined JMC as Members, following a year's respite. 


Several individuals were also re-elected to serve as trustees for JMC's subsidiary boards.  James A. Baum; Alfred A. Lerz; Richard F. Werkowski will serve as Trustees for The Johnson Evergreen Corporation; William J. Bailie; Joan C. Smith; Richard F. Werkowski will serve as Trustees for Johnson Health Care, Inc.; Terrence S. Antrum; Mary T. Bergamini, Esq. will serve as Trustees for Home & Community Health Services, Inc.; John T. Larabee, Patrick Mahon, Gary Roman Heidi Steinmetz-Weissman, Jay Weissman and Richard F. Werkowski will serve as Trustees for Johnson Development Fund, Inc. while Alfred A. Lerz, Charles F. Masterson, and Richard F. Werkowski will serve as Directors for Wellcare, Inc. 

Home & Community Health Services Receives Grant to "Upload" Home Healthcare Into the Future

A recent grant from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving will enable Home & Community Health Services, Inc. (H&CHS), Johnson Health Network's visiting nurse service, to upgrade its technology to improve patient service and record keeping.


The $133,409 grant will be used to fund technological enhancements, including the conversion of medical records from paper to electronic format, and the creation of a system to transmit digital medical data via touch-tone telephone.


According to Alfred A. Lerz, President and CEO of Johnson Health Network, the Hartford Foundation grant will make services provided by H&CHS visiting nurses more efficient than ever. The ability to access electronic records remotely, often times from a patient's home, streamlines service and allows for instant access to patient records and other important data.


"This grant will enable Home & Community Health Services to use technology to ensure both accuracy and efficiency in reporting and record-keeping," said Judy McBride, program officer at the Hartford Foundation. "Most importantly, it will improve the care patients receive by giving their providers up-to-date medical information at their fingertips."


Physicians primarily made house calls throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, and today healthcare is moving back into the home. Where house calls were once a thing of the past, home healthcare is now the wave of the future.


Services provided by H&CHS are appropriate for those who desire to cope with an illness or recover from an injury in the comfort of their own home. With such a demand for home healthcare, H&CHS continues to provide care while ensuring independence and quality of life enjoyed by residents of the communities it serves. 


For over 80 years, the Hartford Foundation has built successful partnerships with donors and nonprofits to improve the quality of life for residents of the 29-town Greater Hartford region. The Foundation receives gifts from thousands of generous individuals and families, and last year, awarded grants of more than $24 million to a broad range of area nonprofit organizations. For more information about the Foundation, visit or call 548-1888.


Memory Support Unit Supported by USDA and People's United Bank

Evergreen Health Care Center (EHCC), part of the Johnson Health Network, gained financial support from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), in conjunction with People's United Bank, for construction of the EHCC Memory Support Unit, a state-of-the-art unit designed and staffed specifically for residents with Alzheimer's disease and related forms of dementia.


"This cutting-edge unit will provide a safe, well-supported environment aimed at maintaining the greatest sense of well-being, functional ability, and independence for residents," said EHCC Vice President, Scott Ziskin. "An enormous amount of research has gone into the planning stages, and it is evident that the communities we serve will benefit from the Memory Support Unit. In supporting us, USDA Rural Development is certainly serving its purpose, which is to aid in the development of essential community facilities."


Through its Community Programs, USDA Rural Development guarantees up to 90 percent of any loss of interest or principal on loans made and serviced by lenders, like People's United Bank. In addition to construction of the 30-bed Memory Support Unit, the funds provided to EHCC will be used to finance an expanded rehabilitation treatment center, state-of-the-art equipment, and specialized training for the unit's staff members.


According the Alzheimer's Association, more than 68,000 Connecticut residents are living with the disease and someone new develops Alzheimer's disease every 72 seconds.


President and CEO of Johnson Health Network, Alfred A. Lerz, said, "we recognize the needs of residents in our community and create a vision to fulfill those needs. USDA Rural Development continues to help us make our vision a reality."


USDA Rural Development's Community Programs fund the construction of community facilities, such as health care clinics, police and fire stations, schools and child care centers, which are all essential to a good quality of life in any rural community, according to Mary E. Grasso, area director for USDA Rural Development.


"Through its Community Facilities Guaranteed Loan Program, USDA Rural Development is helping ensure that such facilities are readily available to all rural Americans." added USDA State Director, David Tuttle. "The commitment of USDA Rural Development to this effort is at the core of its mission and its promise to help build stronger, more vibrant rural communities nationwide."


Lt. Governor Fedele and Senator Guglielmo Visit Johnson Memorial Hospital

Johnson Memorial Hospital's state-of-the-art Emergency Department was in the spotlight on October 26, during a tour attended by Lt. Governor Michael Fedele and Senator Anthony Guglielmo, who came to get a first-hand look at the newly-expanded facility, which opened on June 4, 2007.


"We were very excited to have Lieutenant Governor Fedele and Senator Guglielmo visit Johnson Memorial Hospital," said Alfred A. Lerz, President and CEO of Johnson Health Network. "The Lieutenant Governor illustrates a lot of insight into the day-to-day procedures of an emergency department."


The new facility features 32 private rooms, designed identically. This replication allows staff to locate equipment quickly in any and every room. Patients are assessed and escorted to an examination room upon arrival, and registration is completed bedside after the patient has been medically screened. A sophisticated electronic patient-tracking system alerts staff of patient location, new diagnostic or medical orders, and the return of critical lab values. The facility also offers special accommodations to meet unique needs of patents and their families. These features have significantly reduced evaluation and management times for many patients.


"The cutting edge electronic medical record and tracking screens dovetail well with the new facility. Patients have been positively impacted by the changes," said Charles Bizilj, M.D., Medical Director of Emergency Medicine at Johnson Memorial Hospital.