Memorial/Tribute Opportunities

"This is our age-old dilemma in the face of death: it is the meaning of the thing that is of paramount importance; what we fear is not so much extinction, but extinction with insignificance. We want to know that each life has somehow counted, if not for the individual, then at least in the larger scheme of things, that is has left a trace, a trace that has meaning. And in order for anything once alive to have meaning, its effects must remain alive in eternity some way."

- Ernest Becker, "Denial of Death"

Friends of Johnson Memorial Hospital have an opportunity to designate a living Memorial/Tribute in their name and the name of a loved one, friend, mentor or company not only to express their appreciation to Johnson Memorial Hospital, but to also serve as an inspiration for the generations to follow, those who will one day benefit from the care and compassion provided by JMH.

  • Johnson Memorial Hospital would be honored to dedicate
    a Memorial/Tribute of your choice in honor and in perpetual memory of your family, friend, mentor or company and would provide the following measures of appreciation:
    • A plaque would be placed in a prominent location in the Memorial Area, e. g. Exam Room, Nursing Station, etc.
    • Names to be inscribed on our Donor Wall, which will be on permanent and prominent display in the Atrium of the new Emergency Department.
    • Names to be listed on our Capital Campaign Donor
      web site.
  • For example, the Memorial/Tribute Plaque may read as follows:

  • All Memorials are fully tax deductible and are payable over a three-year period.
  • Please note! In order to avoid disappointment, kindly reserve your Memorial/Tribute as soon as possible. Call the
    Development Office today at (860) 684-8109.
  • The amounts for the various Memorials do not reflect actual
    cost, but they are established to help absorb the costs of
    construction and expansion.