We have completed the design phase of this ambitious project and are set to begin construction in the spring of 2006 with completion scheduled for the summer of 2007. The expansion of the emergency department will result in a facility of 17,481, square feet (which represents a 157% increase in emergency department space), featuring 14 Exam Rooms, 6 Observation Rooms, 6 E.D. Express Rooms, 3 Trauma Rooms and 5 Behavioral Health Rooms.

Medical personnel will have a larger, better planned space to take care of patients. Separate treatment areas will provide for critically injured patients and those with non-life-threatening complaints (ED Express). Special treatment rooms will accommodate women, children, stroke and heart attack victims, psychiatric patients and sexual assault victims. Patients, physicians and staff will finally experience an environment where decisions and treatment can occur in a setting far more conducive to healing.

With your support, everyone will have a better experience.

Creating a Healthier Tomorrow, Today

JMH has made a significant commitment to the future of health care in Tolland County, Northern Hartford County and the border towns of Western Massachusetts with its decision to implement a dramatic expansion of the emergency department. The project will cost $7 million. Most of the funding will come from loans secured by Johnson Memorial Hospital. Johnson Memorial Hospital would not have been able to secure these funds without the financial strength of the Hospital.

More than 30 percent of all hospital admissions come through the emergency department. In addition, emergency center patients often times need additional services provided by the hospital. Our financial analysis shows that, over time, the investment in the emergency department expansion will pay for itself. Investing in this project not only serves all emergency patients but also makes a significant contribution to the Hospital's future financial security.

There is, however, a very real need for charitable support. The project cannot be completed successfully without it. In support of this goal and because of the overwhelming need for an expanded emergency department, JMH has committed to raising $1.5 million in pledges payable over a three-year period. This is a tremendous opportunity for the community to contribute to a service that touches just about everyone at some point in their lives. For generations, local families have trusted and relied upon the JMH emergency department. Future generations will do the same.