In 2004, the emergency department treated 19,000 patients in the same facility that had accommodated 5,500 patients in 1984. In two decades, our emergency department use has increased by approximately 245%. It is predicted that by the year 2010, the ED will treat 23,500 patients. By 2015, it is expected that 28,500 individuals will utilize our services.

Many factors affect crowding. Among them are demographic trends. Our service areas of Tolland County, Northern Hartford County and the border towns of Western Massachusetts have experienced significant population growth in the past two decades. New technology in medicine will further increase demand for services as lives are saved and enhanced in ways unimaginable 20 years ago. Consequently, the number of aging patients is increasing, as is the complexity of health issues presented at the emergency department. Presently, the emergency department serves a steady flow of residents from four senior housing facilities. This number will only continue to grow with the aging baby boomer population. And, finally, new threats to the security of our country are giving cause for communities to prepare for emergencies on the home front. Now is the time to fix the problem. Now is the time to expand our emergency department.

Meeting the Challenge - A Vision for the Future

JMH is committed to creating an up-to-date, comfortable and well-equipped emergency department, so the doctors, nurses and their fellow healthcare providers can continue to provide the highest level of service. We all want that for our families, friends and neighbors.

Johnson Memorial Hospital proposes to replace and renovate its current emergency department to meet existing needs and provide for predictable future growth. In this expansion project, patient space and overcrowding will be efficiently addressed, with careful attention to issues of privacy, emergency department security and information management. Bedside registration will become the standard.

This project will help thousands of residents, from all walks of life, regardless of their illness or ability to pay. The expansion of our emergency department is an investment in our community that will have lasting value for years to come.