The future holds many challenges to health care delivery, especially at Johnson Memorial Hospital. Those who contribute to the success of the Emergency Department Expansion Program are full partners and investors in one of the most important resources our community has - a full service, high-quality community Hospital."

Alfred A. Lerz
President and CEO
Johnson Memorial Hospital

Health Care Where and When You Need It Most

We hope it never happens to you or someone you love, but when a medical emergency strikes, minutes can make a difference between life and death. Johnson Memorial Hospital (JMH) is the first stop for emergency care for approximately 19,000 individuals and their families each year and it plays a critical role in our community.

You probably know someone who has been helped in the JMH Emergency Department at one time or another: from the father who suffers a heart attack, to the teenager who is a car accident victim, to the precocious eight-year-old tree climber who falls and breaks an arm, to the visiting grandmother who suffers a stroke.

The people in our community trust that the physicians and hospital will be there for them, no matter what, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For many, the emergency department is their only access to care. It's often the final safety net for those without insurance. Frequently, it's the only alternative for those who have insurance but can't find a doctor.

For everyone, it is the place to go for medical emergencies, large or small. The doctors and nurses do their best to make sure that each person gets care, and they do an amazing job! However, they are operating in crisis conditions. Our emergency department space was built 19 years ago to accommodate only one-fourth the number of people that we now serve. This has created serious overcrowding, long wait times and a difficult working environment for the staff. Every day is a challenge, but our staff remains committed. They heal, save lives and perform miracles. No matter what, they will take care of you.

Building On Our Past.
Planning For Your Future

JMH first opened its doors in 1912 ensuring emergency services close to home and bringing peace of mind to our community. Much has been accomplished since then. We have much to be proud of, but we are now facing the challenge of a changing population with increasing health care needs. Patients who have spent time at Johnson Memorial Hospital know our quality of care is among the best available. Increased demands on our facilities are making it harder for our doctors, nurses and other health care providers to do their jobs. We must make improvements if we are to continue to be a leader in quality of care.